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San Juan Education Foundation funds “direct-to-teacher” grants: Innovative Learning Grants up to $1,000 and Mini Grants up to $500. If you are interested in a PBL Green Garden grant or technology project grant, please contact us. We will notify you if we can secure funding. Grant applications are accepted quarterly throughout the year.

The purpose of the Science, Technology, Arts and Reading for Students grant program is to encourage the development of educational activities in these four areas that improve and enhance student achievement.  Proposals that are not funded may be resubmitted for consideration at a later date.

Types of Grants and Eligibility

  1. Mini Grants up to $500
  2. Innovative Learning Grants up to $1,000
  3. PBL (Project Based Learning) Grants up to $5,000 - PBL Grants require completion of a training session provided at no charge by the San Juan Education Foundation. Training opportunities will be publicized as they are available.
  4. Literacy Grants up to $5,000

All teachers and administrative personnel in the San Juan Unified School District are eligible to apply. If you need assistance preparing your grant application, please contact Robyn Caruso at the district office at least 2 weeks before the grant deadline.  

Grant Deadlines and Award Dates

1st Quarter
Application due:  March 31st  |  Notified: May 1st   | Grant awarded: mid-May

2nd Quarter
Application due:  June 30th  | Notified: Aug. 1st   |   Grant awarded: mid-Aug

3rd Quarter
Application due: Sept. 30th  | Notified: Nov. 1st   |   Grant awarded: mid-Nov

4th Quarter
Application due: Dec. 29th  |  Notified: Feb. 1st   |   Grant awarded: mid-Feb

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