Community-Based San Juan Education Foundation Awards Grants
for Science, Technology, Arts, and Literacy

November 14, 2011 - Grants totaling nearly $40,000 from the San Juan Education Foundation (SJEF) will be awarded immediately to teachers in the San Juan Unified School District to fund innovative programs in science, technology, arts, and reading. An additional $30,000 had been allocated for literacy programs in 2012.

San Juan Education Foundation is an independent, non-profit community organization formed as a link between the community and schools in the San Juan Unified School District. The Foundation annually awards grants directly to educators to support teacher-initiated classroom programs that creatively challenge San Juan students and nurture their desire to learn.

Some of the projects that will benefit from the grants include a campus radio station that will provide English language learners with the opportunity for meaningful school involvement, a project that uses Mouse Trap Cars to help students understand how to calculate speed and velocity and use critical thinking in teams, the use of GPS technology to develop topographic maps of the American River Parkway, the use of radio controlled cars to better understand the laws of physics, development of a mallet ensemble using marimba, xylophone and vibes, a collaborative program with Powerhouse Science Center and RAFT (Resource Area For Teachers) to give students a hands-on science experience, as well as additional science, literacy and music projects that integrate technology.

“California’s budget problems have seriously impacted the ability of our schools to continue important academic program, and we believe it is critically important to do everything we can as members of the Sacramento community to enrich the classroom experience and offer support to teachers who want to use their creativity and innovation to challenge their students,” said SJEF Board Chair Charlene Mattison.

The Foundation’s Board is comprised of community, business and education leaders, who bring professional expertise, knowledge of community resources and the creativity necessary for a fresh approach to helping teachers help their students to thrive.

For more information about how to apply for grants and about the San Juan Education Foundation, please visit