STARS Innovative Grant Application

  • Program should be student centered, focused primarily on science, technology or the arts (or combinations thereof), and relate directly to the state’s academic content standards.
  • Proposals may request seed money or support for expanding an existing program.
  • SJEF funds cannot be used to take the place of available District funds.
  • Proposals for equipment must clearly demonstrate the relationship of equipment to the proposed student-related program. Equipment purchased through STARS/SJEF grant becomes the property of the SJUSD and not the individual teacher.
  • The intellectual property rights, including materials and sample projects developed with grant funds, shall be the property of the STARS/SJEF. The Foundation agrees to make such materials and sample projects available for use and replication by all employees of the SJUSD.
  • Grant recipients are required to submit an evaluation report upon completion of the activity or project. Individuals or groups who do not fulfill this requirement are ineligible for future grants.

Applications are accepted quarterly and must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on the quarterly due date. Teachers requiring help in developing their grant submissions can contact Robyn Caruso, district special projects, at

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