Lisa Ling

" I will be forever grateful for the attention I received and the safe environment the district provided and because of those things, I will continue to be a fierce advocate for public schools. SJUSD is lucky to have Jim Jordan as a teacher, mentor and resource. He continues to be one of the most memorable teachers among my classmates which isn't surprising because he is a passionate educator and believes in his students. Every student who has had Mr. Jordan as a teacher or friend is truly better for it. " –Lisa Ling


Lisa Ling started in television when she was chosen as one of the four hosts of Scratch, a nationally-syndicated teen magazine show based in Sacramento. At 18, she joined Channel One News as one of their youngest reporters and anchors.

Among her roles was war correspondent, including assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan. She has won numerous awards for her reporting. She attended the University of Southern California.

Ling joined The View on August 2, 1999, and left the show towards the end of 2002 to go back to international reporting. She accepted an offer to host National Geographic Ultimate Explorer and in 2005 the show moved to the National Geographic Channel with the return of the original name National Geographic Explorer. She has covered the drug war in Colombia, investigated the notorious MS-13 gang and explored the culture of U.S. prisons.

Most recently, Ling has become a special correspondent for The Oprah Winfrey Show which has featured many of Ling's investigative pieces, including a report on North Korea. Ling's title is "Oprah Show Investigative Reporter." She also has reported on bride burning in India, gang rape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda, child trafficking in Ghana, the immediate aftermath of the hurricane in New Orleans and the April 2007 Virginia Tech Massacre.

Ling attended Albert Schweitzer Elementary, John Barrett Middle School and Del Campo High School.