Mary Lynn Ferguson McHugh

Mary Lynn Ferguson McHugh

Mary Lynn Ferguson-McHugh started at P&G more than 25 years ago as an assistant brand manager for Vicks NyQuil, and rose through the ranks to become the first woman to lead P&G's operations in Europe. The region represents approximately $16 billion in net sales. The Wharton grad, credited with ratcheting up record sales for the company's storied brands like Bounty, has used her skills to revitalize sales in the challenging markets of European.  She was recognized by Fortune International in 2012, 2013, and 2014 as one of the most powerful women in the world.

P&G is a world force, with products in more than 180 countries and a market capitalization greater than the GDP of many countries.  They state their purpose as improving the lives of consumers in a way that enables them to thrive.  The company values emphasize teamwork, diversity and inclusion, and leadership development that “builds from within.”  Ferguson-McHugh is a shining example of these principals, believing in the importance of being a “person of integrity.”

When asked about the importance of education, Ferguson-McHugh responded: "I believe that a 'learning culture' is critical for success in business.  That belief began from the importance that my father put on my post High School education.  I attended two grammar schools and three High Schools due to my father’s career resulting in multiple transfers across the U.S. when I was growing up.  Having the breadth of the Liberal Arts environment at University of the Pacific combined with the business focus at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania has been the foundation for my willingness to explore and learn.  That has been the foundation for my professional success and enabled me to be able to adapt to different environments."

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