2017 Grant Recipients

SJEF funded $27,850 in grants in October 2017. Schools benefiting from these grants include:

  • Arcade Middle technology
  • Bella Vista High School biotechnology
  • Bella Vista speed dating with books
  • Bella Vista fused glass art
  • Cambridge Heights Elementary 21st century science
  • Andrew Carnegie Middle next gen science
  • Citrus Heights Elementary STEAM
  • Del Campo KHK
  • El Camino High School music
  • Howe Ave Elementary BOLT teaching ELL through music
  • Lichen Elementary robotics
  • Mesa Verde High School literacy
  • Northridge Elementary field trips
  • Oakview Elementary classroom technology
  • Pasadena Ave Elementary science collaboration with Effie Yeaw Nature Center
  • Whitney Ave Elementary STEM
  • Woodside K-8 music technology to increase student engagement and achievement
  • Cowan Fundamental technology for fitness and science
  • Dewey Fundamental Deaf and Hard of Hearing project
  • Rio Americano High School Translation Showcase
  • Rio Americano Robotics
  • San Juan Sings
  • San Juan Honors Band
  • San Juan High School Culinary Arts
  • Schweitzer Elementary band and choir
  • Skycrest Elementary robotics
  • Thomas Edison Elementary technology
  • Trajan Elementary technology
  • UnSchool technology
  • Will Rogers Middle power bike service & repair club
  • Will Rogers Middle culinary and arts program.



The STARS Foundation awarded $4,000 in grant money to each of the following schools:

PBL STARS Grant for the Arcade Creek Project at Mira Loma High School:

Students spend many hours removing non-native species from Arcade Creek. Restoring the environment also requires the re-introduction of native species. However, the purchase of native plants in the high quantities necessary for a project this large is cost prohibitive. STARS Foundation provided $2,500 in a previous grant for the purchase of native plants, and those plants were installed in one day in two small areas at the creek. To help with this desperate need for native plants, the students decided to purchase a greenhouse and needed funding to set up the greenhouse utilizing new aquaponic techniques that will save fertilizer costs and also conserve the water needed to grow such a large amount of plants. Other supplies needed to start a nursery of this scale include starter plants, seeds, potting soil, pots plus all the tanks and pipes needed for the aquaponic component of the greenhouse.  

PBL STARS Grant for Arden Middle School Maker Lab:

The Technology, Engineering and Design elective will be a year long class open to students who have previously completed Computer Application. Students will progress through a series of experiences that teach them the basics of 3D modeling software
, 3D printers
, Laser Cutters and Engravers
, Lego Mindstorm robots
, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other micro computer board, Programming tools (Blockly, Python, Swift), Basic power and hand tools (Soldering iron, sander, etc.). Students will progress through self-paced tutorials and suggested projects that utilize the desired technical skills. After this initial experience student will progress to the Implementation phase and will be introduced to the iterative design cycle and be challenged with new, progressively complex, design challenges. The design challenges will require them to develop products that fill a need for them or their community, or produce a product that satisfies a personal interest or curiosity.  Students will research a problem or need, propose a solution, design a product, produce the product , present their solution, reflect on feedback, revise their product.

PBL STARS Grant for Ottoman Elementary School:

Ottoman's “History Alive” production will challenge 4th and 5th grade students to produce backdrops under the guidance of their Art Specialist to make this history alive presentation meaningful.  History Alive uses a segment of Social Studies as a focus for a comprehensive approach to learning using drama, tableaux, singing, dancing, public speaking, and art.  It is truly a collaborative and interactive effort.  It is Artful Learning.  They will also involve local community partners. The school plans to invite B Street Theatre to present a workshop on the process of theatre so students can work with experts as they dig deeper, engaged in learning through the artistic lens.

PBL STARS Grant for Pasadena Elementary School:

Pasadena Avenue Elementary plans to enhance the school garden and science lab while incorporating a nature path. This nature path will start in the front of the school and extend through the garden and outdoor learning area.  The path will end at the science and engineering lab, uniting the school physically and visually. Nature bushes that attract insects will surround the crushed rock path, and as students walk along the path they can observe.  Additional highlights will be a vermiculture, birdbath, and sundial, as well as permanent signs in their garden boxes.  The science lab was built this school year and while it includes many of the essentials, it lacks cohesiveness.  All classes visit the science lab at least twice a week, and the goal of the school is to make the lab an integral part of the school community. With this in mind, they need help to add frogs and possibly fish to their lab. Caring for aquarium animals will teach students a sense of responsibility, and teachers can supplement science-based content through hands on interaction.