SJUSD Personnel Payroll Deduction

Choose our schools for your non-profit support. It is easy to donate through SJUSD Personnel Payroll Deduction. Any amount helps! Thank you to the following SJUSD employees who have elected to donate to STARS automatically through payroll deduction (as of 12/31/16):

Jamie Alirez
Trent Allen
Nina Anderson
Julia Arreguin
Peter Butler
Janice Cataldi-Price
Marla Derickson
Donna Ennis
Katherine Fabel
Terri Florence
Apryl Guy
Frances Harrington
Steven Haskins
Kate Hazarian
Roxann Higgins
Richard Judge
Cynthia Kent
Kent Kern
Brian Leet
Laura Leet
Deborah Lynch
Charlotte Marshall
Joy Mathers
Lisa Menconi
Ruth Meyer
Dina Mikus-Gassaway
Alicia Murray
Laura Naugle
Amy Northam
Anthony Oddo
Donna Pool
Kennesey Pope-Mets
Teresa Russell
Linda Simlick
Steven Steele
Molly Sutherland
Susie Tsukiji
Kimberlee Zamora