Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage you to volunteer your time and talent. Please let us know in what areas you have the most interest and experience and we’ll send you more information.

  1. Arts Action Group
  2. Science Action Group
  3. Technology Action Group
  4. Literacy Action Group
  5. School Ambassador
  6. Fundraising
  7. Grant writing
  8. Marketing, Public Relations, Community Outreach
  9. Market Research
  10. Office support
  11. Website

Become a School Ambassador

An ambassador is the liaison between the San Juan Education Foundation (SJEF) and a SJUSD school. SJEF will rely on its ambassadors to promote a close partnership between the Foundation and parents, educators, students, business and the community.

Ambassadors will inform these groups about the Foundation’s programs and projects in the focus areas of Science, Technology, Arts, andReading (STARS).  They will establish a volunteer base for the Foundation at their school, helping SJEF to achieve its goal of providing support for innovative teacher driven-programs.

Ambassadors will help advise the Foundation of the needs within their school relative to programs in the STARS area.

Ambassadors will work with Foundation members and advisors to raise awareness and generate support of the Foundation through donations, volunteer efforts, networking, communication and events.

Ambassadors will work to establish a communication link from the Foundation to their school community through web site updates, emails, and presentations.

Ambassadors should be a board member of their school’s PTA/PTO or an active member of that school community.  Please contact SJEF for more information.


2011 Grant Winners

School Contact Project Title Priority Area Description
Will Rogers Jamal Hicks Campus Student Radio Station Enhances Student Voice  Technology Campus student radio station run by the students will provide English Language Learners an opportunity to have meaningful involvement and make positive contributions on campus.
Arden Leslie Pfardresher Touching Spirit Bear Language Arts A stimulating novel study that takes students on a journey.
Will Rogers Carol Metz Project Inclusion -35 Science, Tech Funds to provide innovative "hands-on" projects from RAFT and a field trip to Discovery Museum for students with autism, trisomy 21, intellectual differences, and visual impairments.
Mira Loma Phe Bach Practical Applications in Teaching Chemistry Science Funds for chemical supplies, materials and demonstration kits for chemistry laboratory.
Carnegie Judith Meeler Field Trip to Sacramento Aquatic Center Science Funds to provide a hands-on experience for 145 8th grade science students.
Del Campo Neil Reilly Field Trip to Seattle Washington:  "Journalism on the Edge" Language Arts Field trip to an annual journalism convention in which students compete and attend workshops to improve writing/interviewing/layout skills.
Rio Americano Alicia Murray Rio Tech Team: A Resource For Teachers Technology Funds to develop a site-sustainable program to teach a team of 10 students the district's "School World" web management software and coordinate and oversee them as they support and guide 20 teachers who want to develop teacher websites, or enhance and update their existing website.
Barrett Cynthia Book Bringing a Digital Microscope into the Classroom Science Funds to enable the science department to bring updated technology into the science laboratory.
Arcade Gina Berry California Academy of Sciences Science Field trip to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.                                     
Project Based Learning Grants
Churchill Paula Ryken Mouse Trap Cars Science Funds to help 240 8th grade students understand how to calculate speed and velocity, understand the concept of inertia, experience critical thinking and work cooperatively in teams.
Bella Vista Susan Sloan Finding Your Nook in the Library Literacy Funds will purchase 20 Nook's, covers, warranties and ebooks to increase literacy skills and encourage a lifelong love of reading for students.
Gold River Aliceon Sloss Utilizing GPS Technology Science & Tech Funds to purchase 20 GPS receivers and 20 topographic maps for 6th grade classes to increase appreciation and understanding of the local American River Parkway environment.
Bella Vista Jill Escobar/parent   Creating a Mallet Ensemble from the Ground Up: from Purchase and Practice to Performance of Percussion Arts Funds will help create a mallet ensemble consisting of a combination of marimba, xylophone and vibes for students in Band.
Will Rogers Troy Baucom RC CARS Science Funds to purchase 20 radio controlled cars to help students better understand the laws of physics.